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Other Projects

On this page you will find some other projects that were created in my streaming and podcasting class at Pittsburgh Technical College. Feel free to check them out!


In Class Podcast Interview_mixdown
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In class podcast Interview

In this interview we were tasked with running audio through sound booths to create a podcast atmosphere where I was the producer and the talent was asked some general questions from the host.


3Ds max Lathe Modeling

In this project we were experimenting with using a blackmagic design switcher to record our instructor and produce the live video while using studio callouts to direct those on camera.


Launchpad Pro Mk 3

In this project we were tasked to come up with an item that we were going to demo and from there we would use the blackmagic design switcher to produce the live recording while using studio callouts



In this project we were tasked with creating an instructional video to showcase some sort of aspect of the Video Production field by using an Blackmagic ATEM Mini Switcher with a multi cam plus display setup.

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