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Noah Ciotti





Canonsburg, PA 


A Bit About Me

Hey there! My name is Noah Ciotti, I am a graduate from Pittsburgh Technical College. I studied Multi-Media Video Production. While at PTC I learned many different aspects of the industry but I have a strong passion for Cinematography, Videography and Photography.

Ever since I was a kid I've had a love for filming and being behind the camera and after going to college and studying the Video Production field it has since taken off. I enjoy going out and filming sports such as ice hockey, basketball and football and taking photos.

Work Experience ~ Schooling

Ciotti.Media ~ 2020 - Present

Pittsburgh Technical College ~ June 2021 - June 2023

Future Aspirations

Soon after graduating high school I created my account on Instagram - Ciotti.Media.

I have been able to express myself and show off some of my work and my progression through this account.

During my time at Pittsburgh Technical College I was able to work on myself and better my skills to make me more well versed in different aspects of the Multi-Media Video Production field. At PTC I further expanded my knowledge and understanding of what makes someone who is dependable.

I hope to have a steady flow of work coming in and giving it my all so I can provide for my family someday!

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